De-centralized Assessments

Intelligence Augmentation (formerly Artificial Intelligence) is one of the most powerful tools available for data analysis and implementation. With IA, EQUATE Platform sorts the questions present in the Questions Bank Masters according to their difficulty level and then randomly creates question papers for different students catering to the terms and conditions specified by the test taking authority.

Immutable Academic Records

EQUATE Platform also uses the powerful tool Ethereum Intelligence to design the ‘Immutable Resume’ for each student user: One of the distinct features of the Platform. Intelligence Augmentation collects data from the immutable transcripts that are generated in real time as the student user’s responses are notarized on the Blockchain and displays them accordingly on their Immutable Resume thereby providing ‘Proof of Assessment’...

Transparent Education Financing

We present a unique solution to the problem of discrepancies present today in the financial aid of education. The platform enables Corporates to provide financial aid directly to candidates/students on the basis of their EQUATE Scholarship Test results. This is done using the Smart Contracts which ensures payment conformity, transparency and a fair scholarship rewarding system without any intermediaries.


  • 2017
  • Q2- 2017
    Idea Inception and Market Research
    Proof of Concept
  • Q3- 2017
    Patent Filed
    Prototype design
  • Q4 2017
    Development Initiated
    Whitepaper V1.0 released
  • 2018
  • Q1- 2018
    Closed Alpha released
    Testing and improvements
  • Q2- 2018
    Company set-up according to legal jurisdiction
    Private Sale Initiated
  • Q3- 2018
    Technical Whitepaper & Token Generation Event
    Open Beta Release
  • 2018
  • Q4- 2018
    • MVP Release



Token Distribution Plan


Maximum token supply

422,500,000 EQ8 tokens



Private sale begins

July 20, 2018

Private placement sale ends

Sept 20, 2018

Pre-ICO sales dates

To be announced soon

Pre-ICO EQ8 Tokens per ETH

9800 EQ8 Tokens

ICO Price per token


Accepted forms of payment


Minimum purchase

920 EQ8

Maximum purchase

2,750,000 EQ8

Soft Cap


Hard Cap


Token use

Utility Token

Unsold tokens



General Questions

The duration of EQUATE Platform ICO will be 3 months, the private sale starts on June 20, 2018, and public sale will end on September 20, 2018. EQUATE Platform will hold a Pre-ICO during this period to raise up to $1,000,000 USD (approx.). EQUATE Platform will then hold the Public Sale soon after as we continue to grow our amazing community. Join theEQUATE Platform Telegram group to be the first to know the official ICO date.
The EQUATE token symbol is EQ8
The EQ8 token will be issued upon the Ethereum platform and will adhere to the ERC23 standard.
Ethereum is an open source, non-profit, community-backed blockchain token platform that aims to create a distributed network for de-centralized apps (DAPPs). Ethereum is best suited to provide the platform that best supports EQUATE’s vision for the future. Ethereum’s founders intend to make important changes to the Ethereum protocol to resolve the scalability issues and lower cost per transactions by using Sharding, Plasma, and Off-chain scalability solution including shifting from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake consensus.
We are finalizing partnerships with exchanges, the team strictly cannot comment on exchanges unless it is a publicly announced information. We will provide updates on all community channels, by press release, and here in the FAQ when EQ8 listings are confirmed.
No, the token will be minted on Ethereum via smart contract during the token sale. The 422,500,000 tokens will never be increased in quantity. Tokens that are left unsold from the ICO will be burned.
Feel free to reach out to us at social@equateplatform.io
Crypto Currencies: ETH, BTC, BCH, Litecoin.
All investors will be required to pass our KYC/AML assessment administered by our KYC/AML partner.
Any wallet that supports the ETH ERC-23 token standard will be able to store EQ8. We recommend the My Ether Wallet.
The EQUATE ICO soft cap is $2 million and the hard cap is $13 million (USD).
Yes, our we have integrated the open Beta with the token generation process for investors looking to receive bonus tokens.
Version 2.0 of the EQUATE Platform whitepaper was published on April 7, 2018. Subsequent versions, including revisions, will be released leading to the ICO sale start.
Distribution to %age
Private Sale 2.00%
Bounty 2.00%
Public Token Sale 46.00%
Angel Investors & Advisors 2.00%
EQUATE Scholarship Fund 5.00%
Founders and Core Team 10.00%
Reserve Fund 33.00%
Total 100.00%
USE OF SALE PROCEEDS % of tokens allocated
LEGAL 5.00%

Private Sale

EQUATE is committing up to 8.4 Million EQ8 tokens for the private placement sale.
The token lock-up period for private placement sale is 6 months after token the completion of ICO.
A minimum purchase of 275,000 EQ8 is required to participate in the private sale.

Public Sale

Soon! Specific dates will be announced shortly.
The Pre-ICO will raise up to $1,000,000 USD
Tokens minted during the Pre-ICO sale will have 6 months lock-up period.
We will have a Pre-ICO to reward the community with the chance to buy EQ8 at a 15% discount.
Join the EQUATE Telegram group where we will announce the official ICO date. We are committed to growing a strong, supportive community in order to further scale up EQUATE in a sustainable way.
EQ8 will be sold during the ICO at a price of $0.061 (USD).
Since EQUATE is at its core an Online Assessment portal and in order to complete the build-measure-learn feedback loop, we present the Open Beta, we will offer our investors a bonus of up to 15% for taking up an Online Test and in the process get a feel of the greater scheme of things. It will be an objective test comprising of 5 questions about EQUATE Platform, each correct answer will entitle the investor a bonus of 3%, however, a minimum of 3% bonus will be issued for attempting the test which means the investors will be entitled to a bonus between 3% to 15% of their contributions up to sale of first 50 Million EQ8 tokens. The ICO Smart Contract will automatically pay out bonus tokens on submission of the test which goes to show how the Smart Contract would function during live tests.
The objective of conducting a test to issue bonus coins is that we want to build a strong community who are able to participate in the decision-making process. It is vital for our investors to have a good understanding of the project, at the same time it is equally important for us to assess the understanding level of our investors. We believe that rewarding the investors who are more aware and have better understanding will go a long way in communicating our message of a corruption & manipulation free education system.

1 Private Sale EQ8 9,200 EQ8 800
2 Pre-sale EQ8 9,200 EQ8 600
3 Public Sale Bonus Stage EQ8 9,200 EQ8 300
4 Public Sale w/o Bonus EQ8 9,200 0
No, citizens and residents of the United States, China, Singapore and South Korea may not participate in the EQ8 public sale.
A minimum 920 EQ8 must be purchased to participate in the public sale.
A maximum of 2,750,000 EQ8 may be purchased during the public sale.

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